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The transformation issue

The transformation issue

Catch Katie & her mom, Denise Austin, on the Cover of the January / Februrary 2024 issue of Women’s Health Magazine! They share their fitness evolution & journey together, plus all their tips and tricks!

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Katie is a certified fitness trainer, health coach, author, blogger, model and has been featured on numerous television shows such as The TODAY Show, Rachel Ray, The Doctors, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and MORE. 


Katie motivates and inspires girls from all around the world to feel more confident with their bodies and be their best selves.


As a Division I athlete at USC, Katie learned dedication and perseverance to health and wellness. Not only was she a college lacrosse player, but she graduated Cum Laude.


To be your very best and healthiest self, you must also know how to eat right! Cooking and experimenting with new recipes has been a passion of Katie's ever since she was 10 years old. Learn simple, yet delicious meals to make your life easier.



Get access to ALL my workouts, recipes & daily calendar! This workout program is built for your goals and for your schedule.



Daisy, 21, Los Angeles, CA

My sister and I love doing your workouts at home, so thank you for helping tone our bodies while making us smile while we workout! You really make a college girl’s life easier with your workouts, and they are a great way to release stress from school.


Anna M, 23, Atlanta Georgia

When I found Katie’s videos I was so excited to see a fitness blogger who’s ideals were so in line with mine. Her focus is not being skinny, it is to be strong and fit overall. Her workouts and meals are accessible even for the beginner. I always look forward to Katie’s new content, and thank her for being so good to her fans!

Anna M

Brooklyn, 19, Grand Rapids, Michigan 

I’ve been an athlete my entire life (also a lacrosse player, holla!), but when I went to college I stopped playing, and I found it so hard to motivate myself because I’ve always had a team that I did all my workouts and conditioning with. When I found Katie’s workouts, it was so perfect for me and my lifestyle. Thank you for motivation me and being an awesome inspiration!


Kelly, 23, New Jersey

It doesn’t matter what level your fitness is, Katie makes the workouts so fun. It’s like you’re working out with one of your best friends! After just one week of working out with Katie, I started to notice higher energy levels and a craving to workout. I love that the workouts are easy to accommodate into any schedule. Her motivation and dedication to exercising is seriously inspiring and will make you feel just as motivated. I’m excited every day to get my workout in!


Juliet, 22, San Diego CA

Katie’s workouts are AMAZING! As a dancer, I thought I was physically fit, but she left me sore for days! She targets every muscle group and I never thought each workout could cause such an impact. I highly suggest her workout membership, as it is everything you need to get yourself in shape quickly. Katie is perfect for anyone looking to look and feel healthier!


Caroline, 23, Richmond VA

Katie’s workouts help me so much, because I hate sitting in an office all day and dreading the gym after work. I love Katie’s Daily Workouts because they are so accessible and practical to my work schedule!


Rylee, 20, Minnesota

I never found a workout that I enjoyed doing, but Katie’s workout program motivates me to keep working out every day! My mom and I get up at 5 am every morning so we can get our workout in before work, and it gives me so much energy throughout the day.


Julie, 25, Seattle 

I’d been wanting to get into fitness for a while, but was way too self conscious to start going to the gym because I had no idea what I was doing, and where I would even start. Katie’s workouts seemed like a great thing to try because I could do them from homeland not feel judged, while still having someone there to guide me. Now, weeks later, I feel 100% more confident in my workout abilities. I’m excited to see what more improvements are right around the corner! 10/10 would recommend!!! Thank you Katie!!!


Tori, 20, St, Louis Missouri

Katie inspires me to be fit and healthy, and to always stay positive. And positive people like Katie is what our world needs right now. Her work really makes a difference!



Dani, 18, Orange County California

I never knew that a few quick workout videos could make my legs feel tighter and my arms feel stronger. Katie knows exactly when to say “keep pushing” or “you got this” so I wanted to continue to keep working hard!



Liza, 23, Nashville TN

I’m always low on time with a workout, (and hate running!) so Katie’s workouts are so quick but SO effective. Each day is different, and targets different parts of my body, which I love and definitely see results with!