Katie Austin

TIPS to NOT Procrastinate Your Workout

TIPS to NOT Procrastinate Your Workout

Ever feel like you’ve wasted hours just THINKING about working out? And by the time it’s 8 pm, you know you shoulda just got it done at 5 pm? Welp, we’ve all been there. Here are my tips to avoid that ever happening again, so you can just get off your butt and get to it:

Plan your workout

Know what you’re going to do. Run? HIIT? Yoga? Dance cardio? What are you about to do? Invision it in your head, and picture yourself doing it.

Lie to yourself

Ok ok don’t ever LIE to yourself, but I swear this method always works on me. When I’m dreading a workout, I’m like “ok Katie all you have to do is ten minutes. that’s it!!” And that gets me going because anyoneeee can do ten minutes. Then, when I get started in that workout, I feel so good after ten minutes I 90% of the time keep going to 30 min.

Schedule the WHEN

I like scheduling out when I am going to workout the day before. And I don’t mean when like in the morning or afternoon. I mean a specific time like 2 pm. 8 am. As if it’s a class or work and you must be there on the dot.

Lace up your shoes

Sounds like the simplest thing ever, but seriously just putting on running shoes can sometimes motivate me. It gives me that feeling that I just want to get up and get at it.

Get Inspo

Watch some workout videos on Insta/youtube to get ideas and inspiration for your workout. (but not over 5 minutes bc damn i’ve done that and lost track of time and next thing you know I’m on my cousins boyfriends sisters wedding from 2009- be careful out there) Maybe you’ll find some new moves you want to try, or just get motivated!

Think about food So whenever I’m feeling poopy and like “nah today I can skip” I legit think about my next amazing cheat meal. Like Italian this Friday night. Or Taco Tuesday night. Or Sunday pizza and football. And I say to myself- “Don’t you want to deserve that meal and not feel guilty about it?” And hey, can’t lie, it usually works.

Turn off your electronics

It’s hardddd I know, but put your phone in airplane mode. Put down your computer. Anything that’s distracting you to workout. Because I guarantee when you don’t have anyone to text, or stalk on social media, you’ll be bored and FINALLY workout.

Play a fire song

Bump some jams. This one’s a given. Put on some rap or anything that makes you wanna DANCE. Music gives me so much energy. (Side note: all time song that makes me happy- Teach me how to dougie hahaha)

Tell someone you’re about to workout

This one might sound weird, but it actually helps. Tell your friend, mom, boyfriend, roommate, that you’re about to workout. (maybe not like out of nowhere but if someone asks you in the convo what you’re going to do that day) Sometimes when my best friend or boyfriend asks me, “what are you up to today?” and I respond with “a workout” as part of my answer, I almost feel as if I have to… Telling someone you’re about to go do something keeps you accountable.

Think about the AFTER

Visualize that post workout feeling you’re going to have after you workout. How AMAZING you will feel about yourself, and how mature you feel for not wasting an hour or two procrastinating it!!!! Like come on- #ADULTING. Also, maybe not something I should be saying coming from a girl who always says “focus on yourself” – WHICH YOU SHOULD – but let’s be real here for a sec. Think about the AFTER of how hawwwwt you will look. Think about that revenge bod. (Obviously still focus on yourself for the most part, but come on a little bit of fire won’t hurt)

And if you’re one of those people reading this right now because you’re procrastinating your workout……. just go. Get up and do it already girl!!!!! IT’LL BE WORTH IT!!!!