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My Activewear Wishlist for 2018

My Activewear Wishlist for 2018

HEEELLLO! What’s up everyone!

This year, I decided to put a little list together of all the leggings, sports bras, shirts, and sneakers I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks or MONTHS. Also I got a lot of requests to make a holiday wishlist, so here it goes!! These are some of my fav workout items that I don’t own…. YET!!!!

First, let’s start out with my favorite. I want this set in every single color it comes in!! I love seamless to workout in, but some people don’t. I also love workout sets and bright colors, so these would be my next purchase:

Next, if you’re not into colors, then maybe you’ll like some of these next items. If I’m not wearing brighter colors, I love wearing grey and white. Take a look at my picks for these two colors:

A trend that I currently am obsessing over.. CAMO and camo GREEN. I absolutely love camo leggings right now, too. I’m totally eyeing those grey and white ones:

Alright yall, you probably know by know I’m obsessed with workout sets, so if you don’t like sets just keep on scrolling. BUT- I would love to own one of these sets. They’re really bright, patterned, and out there and SO CUTE!!! Check them out:

So this next little section of activewear I want is a litttttle bit trendy for the regular in home workout. I mean, hey if ya wanna look extra stylish for yourself, go for it!! But these I see more as street wear. I love dressing up my activewear, too, with a cute bomber jacket and walking nikes. Check out my top picks for activewear STYLE:

Speaking of bomber jackets, here are my top picks I’d want to wear with my leggings and tee:

Because not everyone is always trying to be the most trendy girl while working out, here are some of my love looks for a BASIC sports bra but still has a little bit of cuteness:

Another trend I want to own a bit more of is tie dye! Not to over the top, but here are some picks:

Again, if you’re more of a basic girl when it comes to leggings, (I get it – not everyone loves patterned leggings!) then here are my leggings picks that are simple yet stylish!

Last but not least, here are my SHOE picks for 2018!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post!! Out of EVERYTHING.. What would be at the top of your wishlist?!