New Years Resolutions, 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. Bullsh*t, or for real?

All the goals you hear people setting & maybe even asking you your resolutions… it can be a daunting to think about.  Is it all nonsense??

I can see why you can think this “new year, new you” whole thang is a bit stupid, because you can start on your fitness goals any time of the year, so what’s the craze about hitting a new month?

Well, there’s definitely a side of me that LOVES the new-year-new-me mindset.

Why? Because as humans, we love the idea of a fresh beginning. The mindset that we could start over again, without any guilt from the year before. Clean slate.

So what’s going to allow you to press that restart button?

First off, find your motivation. But the catch is, what motivates me, might not work for you.

And not to be cliche here, my motivation usually comes from YOU guys. (I freakin love seeing y’all kill your workouts and feel good within, makes my world)

For YOU, this motivation has to be personal. It can be anythinngggg; maybe it’s more pushups this month than you could do last month, maybe it’s wanting to look damn good when you’re on spring break, or maybe you want to feel better after a break up (and make him jealous with a hot bod….duh) Whatever that motivation is, make it specific to you.

THEN. After you find that motivation, and you find that WHY to your restart button, next comes your goal.

Do you have any 2018 goals in mind yet? No matter if you answer yes or no to that question, the important part is- are they realistic?

That’s the question we should be focusing on!

Sometimes, as overachievers, we want to tell ourselves that we are going to go to EXTREMES to be successful in weightloss, fitness goals, our careers, diets, etc. But to be honest, that’s the reason these New Years resolutions truly never stick. I bet you that last year, by the time February hit, you kindaaaa were slacking on your goals.

So how can we make that goal, that vision, ATTAINABLE and LASTING? For like… all of 2018.

Well, that’s giving yourself realistic goals.

I know looking all the whole year of 2018 from January to December can be a little discouraging. So that is why taking it month by month, and even week by week is so important. So my advice to you is setting your goals in weeks of 2. (hint hint that is why my daily workout calendar is usually in weeks of 1 or 2!)
Setting SHORT TERM goals, in steps of your LONG TERM goal is vital. Just looking at that long term goal can be discouraging.

Here is an example for a weightloss goal:
Longterm goal: I want to lose 20 pounds (yeah, daunting)
Short term goal: I want to lose 2 pounds every two weeks.
Keep tabs on only every 2 weeks.

This even goes for something not related to fitness. I actually get asked the question of “how did you get started doing this fitness blogging stuff?” all the time. So let’s take that for example. Say you want to create something, and you’re looking at creating a website, a logo, a media kit, a bio, an intro video, collabs…. well shoooot, the list can go on when you’re trying to start something new or chase after a dream. Trust me, looking at everything you need to do or want to accomplish in the new year is scary for me. That’s why you must take one thing at a time. Work hard on a project for a couple weeks, give it your all, then move on to the next. Of course, in the back of your mind knowing the end goal is important, but knowing it will take steps to get there is huge to realize. (I’m still working on understanding this!!)

Bottom line, be patient with achieving your goals. Nobody accomplishes ANYTHING overnight. Whatever your goals are for 2018, make sure you make them practical for yourself. You’re more likely to give up if your intentions are not realistic. And I never want you to give up…

3 words that I feel like I always say when it comes to attaining a goal, and they’re so necessary in this instance.


Find that motivation. Create your goal. Track it weekly. Try your best.

Now write down your WHY and your GOALS, put them above your bed so you see them every single day, and GO GET EM TIGER!!!

“Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about”