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Travel Blog: South Africa

Travel Blog: South Africa

HIIII everyone!

I’m so so excited to start doing travel blogs. I just recently got back from South Africa! While the flights to get there were a total of over 45 hours (INSANE) it was totally worth it. We traveled to 4 different locations, and each one was unique! 2 Safaris, 1 Winelands stop, and ending with the big city of Cape Town. So let’s just get right into the adventures!

HAdddd to be comfy. This was such a perfect outfit to wear, because not only was it warm and fuzzy trying to sleep on the plane, but I also blended right in with the animals when I arrived;) … just kidding.

If you want to know where the fit is from, here ya go:

FIRST STOP: Ngala Safari Lodge @ Kruger National Park (Link to the lodge!)

This lodge was in the middle of NOWHERE in the Bush! We got there around noon, and right away saw elephants at the watering hole.










Link to where I got my bathing suit (favorite color by the way!)










Not to get all deep here for a sec- but seeing animals in their wild habitat is one of the most unreal experiences of life. There was something spiritual about it. Seeing them hunt, run wild, live happily and naturally. Not sure how I am ever going to go to a zoo again, knowing that they are enclosed in an area that is not their real home.

(It also made me eat NO red meat the whole trip, and still haven’t had steak since I got home)

Wake up/call time for the safaris every day is 5 am!!! So of course, there is a need for coffee in the middle of the bush:









Here is the safari jeep we drove around the Bush:









Where to get my White Overalls:


After two and a half amazing days in Ngala, we took off for the next safari stop.
SECOND STOP: Phinda Zuka Lodge (Link to the lodge!)
This safari location was REMARKABLY different to the first one! So many trees, animals and GREEN everywhere. Not as dry as Ngala. If you’re only doing one safari location, I recommend looking into Phinda!
Breakfast every single morning the whole trip looked like this:
Scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and onions, avo, bacon and homemade baked toast. With the best South African coffee!! If you’re a coffee lover, you’d love SA coffee. Then, as an afternoon snack, we had cheese and fruit plates. (Went on a less-dairy cleanse after this trip…)

I got this suit from Asos if you want to check out a few of their options like this one!









Christmas dinner was definitely a different one! No wintery weather, snow, or christmas carols, but we still celebrated like we always do!
Outfit: San Lorenzo Bikinis .. but they don’t have it online anymoreeeee:((
XMAS DRANKS: Blended watermelon with a little splash of white rum. SO GOOD!
Last safari day: very bittersweet! On to the next adventure!
THIRD STOP: Franschhoek, South Africa  (Link to our hotel!)
The winelands are a MUST in South Africa- even if you don’t love wine! Some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. And there are sooo many different wineries to explore.
Our hotel reminded me of the South of France, even though nope never been there… just looks like how I would imagine it! So cute, like a French Cottage feel.
(And I am SO sorry but I have no clue where I got this dress hahah)
My personal favorite place in this area, or maybe ever in my life, is called the Graff Estate. (Link to it here!)
If you are going to SA, call MONTHS in advance to get into lunch at this place. Try your best, because it’s so so worth it.
I mean just check out our lunch view….. INSANE!!!!
We also stopped at Elton Johns favorite place:  La Residence (Link to it here!)
PS! My dress is from Sabo Skirt. (SaboSkirt.com)
Of course, have to throw in a litttttle bit of a workout in this post.
There were no gyms at any lodge or hotel we were staying at, so I had to rely on some bodyweight HIIT exercises- which is what I actually do anyways!
My routine: I did each of these exercises for about 20-30 sec with a 20 sec break. Repeat 3x.
-Lunge jumps
-Star jumps
-High Knees
-Mini squat jumps
-Side Lunges (20 sec each side)
My workout outfit:
From Maaji Swimwear
And here are a few other leggings from them that I love!

Dinner outfit the last night in the winelands:
Top also by Sabo Skirt, and jeans from Mother Denim!
Here are some of their jeans and where to get ’em:

Fourth stop! Cape town!
We stayed on the water front at a hotel called the V & A hotel (Link to hotel!)
I’m sure if you’re heading to SA, you’re probably doing Cape Town. And if you’re probably doing Cape Town, then you’re probably doing Table Mountain. And just like you’ve heard, IT’S A MUST.
The hike up they say is about 2 and a half hours, but instead, (only because we were low on time!) we took the cable car to the top. These views were insaaaane. Wake up super early one morning to go get first in line for the cable car trollys to the top, because you def don’t want to spend hours waiting!
Another place to check out if you’re into your INSTAGRAM PIX: Boo-Kapp. (has lots of history there as well, but great for insta pix… just sayin’) I mean look at these COLORSSSS!!
PS.. Dress from Thailand 2 years ago for like 70 cents…
Next stop in Cape Town, was Boulders Beach. This is the place you can see rare penguins on the beach!!
And again, if you’re into instagram colors and dope photos, check out Muizenberg Beach!
Bathing suit top:

If you’re in Cape Town on a Saturday, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going to the Biscuit Mill for the town market!!! They have incredible food, shops, singers, etc. It’s just an overall cool spot!!!
Of course they have the most interesting food, and I go for the Avo Toast. Claaassic.
 And even if you’re there to just look around the market, you will find amazing inspo! These skull heads are GOALS for apartment decor.
A great dinner/night spot if you’re in Cape Town with friends (maybe not so much family)
(Skirt from Planet Blue!)
My FAVORITE dinner spot, however, was the Bungalow, in Cliffton. It was a really great place to get away from the waterfront, and enjoy a fun beach dinner with an amazing view of cliffs and sunset.
South Africa is incredible.
Let me know how you loved my travel blog! This was my first one, so I want to know your likes/dislikes about it. I’m hoping to do a lot more in the future so your feedback matters!