Katie Austin

Crispy Chicken Pesto Caesar Salad

Crispy Chicken Pesto Caesar Salad

This is SUCH an easy, healthy and delicious meal that you could make for either lunch or dinner!

Here is what you need:

1/2 cup, shredded rotisserie chicken

2 cups of romaine, chopped

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes

1/2 avocado

2 green onions

1/4 cup croutons (I use the plantain ones from Trader Joe’s)

Handful of parmesan cheese

1/4 cup of light caesar dressing

1 heaping tbsp of pesto (or more, if you’re like me and obsessed with pesto!)


Here’s how you make it:

First, I take some rotisserie chicken (about 1/2 cup) and heat it up in a pan with some olive oil and spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder) to get it nice and crispy!

While the chicken is cooking, I chopped up 2 cups of romaine lettuce, 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, half an avocado, a few diced green onions and mixed it all together.

Then I add in a handful (approximately 1/4 cup) of plantain croutons from Trader Joe’s (GF and SO GOOD!), add a sprinkle parmesan cheese, and crispy chicken.

Then I take light Caesar dressing and a scoop of pesto and mix it all together!!!

You can add as much or as little dressing as you’d like! The best thing about this recipe is how customizable it is! Hope you enjoy! xx