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Katie Austin

100 Calorie Cucumber Mint Marg

100 Calorie Cucumber Mint Marg

This is my favorite skinny margarita! And if you’re reading this thinking about the calories in a drink…. yes, drinks usually have a lot of calories- so be careful with your alcohol intake when trying to lose weight! BUT! You KNOW I love to drink… so this is a go to!

What You’ll Need:

Makes one drink

1/2 teaspoon agave

1 shot of tequila

3 tablespoon sparkling water

1 teaspoon lime juice

Handful of ice

Half a cucumber

Small squeeze of an orange

A few mint pieces

(garnish with a cucumber slice and some more mint!)

OPTIONAL: A few jalapeno slices


What I love to do, is muddle my tequila in cucumber for a few hours. I LOVE flavored hard alcohol because I’m a degenerate but at the same time it has a ton of sugar and extra unneeded calories. When you let the alcohol sit in the cucumber for a few hours, it picks up the taste of it in a natural way. SO GOOD.

Other than that, it’s pretty simple! Mix all ingredients together, SHAKE IT UP!