Katie Austin

Watermelon Mint Cocktail

Watermelon Mint Cocktail

This is the PERFECT cocktail for spring and summer! It’s so refreshing, healthy, and tasty!

It is on the sweeter side, but good news, it’s all natural sugar straight from the watermelon! Add less watermelon, more Pellegrino, more lemon, to lessen the sugar taste if it’s too much for you.


Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Medium Sized Watermelon

8-9 Shots of tequila (gotta love some casa migos)

1/3 cup fresh Mint leaves

1/2 Lemon

Optional Pellegrino (it’s great without it, but to lessen the sugar-y taste)


Add tequila, watermelon, and lemon squeezes to the blender. Top off with Pellegrino and mint.