FAQ & Terms of Use

How is this program different from my guides?

My new Daily Workout Membership program is subscription-based. Instead of a one-time fee for either my 10-day or 8-week guide, you can now access ALL my workouts for $9.99 a month, continuously. This includes all of my guide videos, and exclusive new workouts, and is updated with new workouts monthly. You can choose what workout you’re feeling up to that day, or follow the Daily Workout Calendar (like a guide because I tell you which workouts to complete on which days) to be on the same page as the rest of our community. 

In the Daily Workout Calendar, I tell you how long the workout will take you so you can plan ahead. Usually, you will do 2-3 videos per day.


Is the program available for all levels of fitness?

Yes! Of course. Some workouts are on the easier side, and some are more challenging. You can pick your workouts based on your level of fitness.

Membership Cancellation Policy

This is a subscription based service, so your membership program will keep running until you cancel, just like any other subscription service you are a part of. I

f you sign up for 1 month, each month you will be charged $9.99. If you sign up for 3 months, you will be charged $24.99 for the first 3 months, and then $9.99 after that term monthly, until cancellation. 

Location Access

You can sign up for my membership and access all my videos worldwide, but unfortunately, I cannot ship the booty band to you if you live outside the US. 

All videos are follow-along in-home workouts ranging between 10-25 minutes.


Do I need any equipment to complete the workouts?

My videos are either bodyweight or use light weights. If you don’t have light weights at home, you can use cans of soup or water bottles. Also, my booty band is used in some of the workouts. 

Booty band will ship between 8-14 days. Please email katie@getfitwithkatie.com if you have not gotten yours within two weeks.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds within the monthly subscription, but of course you may cancel so you will not be charged the next month. (Only refund granted would be within 48 hours of being charged for that month)

Everything is charged in USD through your credit card. 

Have more questions? Email me! asst@getfitwithkatie.com