The Busy Girl’s Guide

THE BUSY GIRL’S GUIDE: 5 Weeks to Fit for Girls who HUSTLE

I am so excited to share my new guide with you all! I really wanted to bring you all busy bee’s out there something that would fit practically in your hectic lifestyle. I know what it’s like trying to time manage your career, social life, school, relationship, other stress in your life on TOP of that trying to find when to workout and eat healthy (and HOW?!). So here’s how this guide will help you. 

25 workouts, all 25 minutes: these workouts can be done anywhere, anytime, all you need is yourself and some light weights. The workout can even be split up by 15 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes at night, or visa versa, so you REALLY have no excuse about not finding the time!

40 Recipes with 10 snack ideas: all recipes are only FIVE ingredients, so they’re quick and simple to make. Most are meal prep friendly. I give you great breakfasts, bowl ideas, and even how to make your cheat meals healthy!! YAS! The meals are also vegetarian friendly. This meal plan is meant to be flexible, so you can pick and choose what breakfast, lunch, and dinner you want that day. 

Lifestyle tips: I give you stretches, tips, and workouts to do while you are at work. There are great DIY and budget friendly self care hacks you can implement in your life. Plus, my quick tips, which are easy ways to make your life healthier.  

Inspiration: Maybe my favorite part about this guide, is the fact that each week is focused on a different ‘virtue’ to practice to be successful. Whether starting a new business, following your dream job, trying to get an A in school, whatever that intention may be, you will find great motivation and inspo from each week’s themed lesson. 

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