21 Day Booty Sculpt Guide with Band

21 Day Booty Sculpt Challenge

Comes with a free booty resistance band! Once purchased, I will mail it to you.

In this guide, I give you ALL of my favorite moves using a booty resistance band. 

This challenge is meant to be an add on to your daily workouts. Whether that is my program, or your own daily routines! It’s to amplify seeing those BOOTAY results. 

Because it’s an add on to your daily routine workout, I suggest doing it right when you wake up, on your lunch break, or when you’re in between commercial breaks watching your fav show. I think you can find 15 minutes or less to fit in!!

Each day I give you a set of exercises to do, and how long you should be doing each move for.

These are ALL picture workout sets. This is not like my other guides, as it’s a non-video based guide. But, because of this, you can take it ANYWHERE. You do not need access to my website to access this guide. You can save it to your desktop, print it out, or send it to your phone. Plus, the band weighs justttt about nothing, so you can travel anywhere with it!

This guide is perfect for the girl on the go who never knows just WHERE she is going to be- yet alone where she is going to workout. You can do these sets in your dorm, apartment, at work, or in the park.

THIS IS A HARD CHALLENGE. It won’t be easy- But it WILL be worth it! And you can do it!!! LET’S GO!