Katie Austin

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Every year, I think of things I want to focus on in the New Year. This time, I’m finally writing down my resolutions! Usually, my goals fall through within several weeks, but this year I’m DETERMINED to work hard at all five of them.

A few are goals I’ve had for a while now but haven’t actively pursued, but I know that by focusing on each of them, I will be successful.

The new year is always a great time to start forming habits or start on goals you always wanted to achieve. I suggest you also write yours down like I have! Keep them in your notes, on your phone, anywhere close, to provide a little motivation when you need it! For a little extra inspiration, you can also subscribe to my newsletter and I will remind you of your goals.


1. Wake Up Early and Workout

I only wake up early and workout two or three times a week. I dread it the night before, but when I finish the workout, I love that I did it early. I don’t even need coffee to get me going-exercising is my energizer!

2. Take More Hikes

I LOVE HIKING! I just never have enough time to do it as much as I want 🙁 To me, hiking is more than just a work out. The fresh air and beautiful views make it a totally different workout experience. Hikes make me feel on top of the world- literally and physically!


3.  Practice More Yoga

Honestly… I’m horrible at yoga. I WISH I were good at it! So this year, instead of just wishing I were a yogi, I’m going to start practicing beginner’s yoga and try my best to get better! There are so many benefits to practicing yoga; it’s overall mind and body experience.

4.  Drink More Water

This goal is something I need to incorporate in my daily life. Sometimes, I find myself only drinking two water bottles a day when I’m at school. I think my issue is the lack of plastic water bottles I have in my apartment. SO- I got the perfect water bottle for Christmas. I plan to carry it everywhere with me so I’m always drinking water. I notice my energy level increase significantly when I remember to drink more water!


5. Practice More Meditation

In my health class, we practiced a new form of meditation every week for at least 20 minutes. Practicing meditation when I was anxious or tense was seriously one of the best stress relievers. Though I love it so much, I only practiced it (or breathing exercises) a few times outside of the class. When I had someone proctor the meditation, it was so easy for me to do. Meditating regulary will no doubt be beneficial in lowering my stress level!