Katie Austin

7 Tips on How To Avoid Late Night Eating

7 Tips on How To Avoid Late Night Eating

1. Drink water or tea
You should be drinking a lot of water during the day, anyways- so that will also keep you from not eating as much! But, sometimes when you think you’re hungry you’re actually just thirsty and/or dehydrated. If you need some taste, or need something more comforting than just water, try making yourself a glass of tea. This will relax you and your tummy.

2. Set a kitchen curfew
I can’t take credit for this tip because my mama bear always said it! Set a timer on your phone or just in your head to tell you when your tummy is done eating for the night. A set time really helps with your mindset.

3. Don’t eat dinner TOO early
Lots of people say eat dinner early- but whenever I eat dinner around 5:30-6, I’m starving by 10 pm and have to eat again. I’d say my favorite time to eat dinner is 7-7:30 or a little earlier. This way, I’m not hungry later at night.

4. Give it a few & distract yourself
They say cravings only last on average about 10 minutes, so wait it out! Meanwhile, you should distract yourself by catching up on your work, write down some ideas, run up and down the stairs a few times, watch YouTube videos; I don’t know– anything you usually do in your free time!! hahah

5. Increase fiber in your diet
This ones pretty important. Fiber makes you feel full longer. Eat more fiber filled foods like beans (YAS!), whole grains, corn, or lentils for dinner.

6. Eat breakfast
You may be like “uhhh how will breakfast effect me at 10 pm?” WELL IT DOES:) Eating a great healthy breakfast when you wake up will help you stay on track with your food intake and consistency throughout the whole day.

7. Eat something small
Ok, so not always will these tips work because if you’re ACTUALLY hungry, you need to eat!! When it’s 9 pm, and I’m still hungry (which is a lot, so don’t worry- you’re not alone), I usually make something that is small with a lot of bites. I mean foods like edamame, healthy popcorn (which you can find HERE), raisins, nuts, etc. These kinds of foods you can snack on lots and trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more.

*Disclaimer! This blog is not about starving yourself or not eating. I did this blog because sometimes we tend to overeat when it’s late at night after we have had all our meals for the day. Sometimes our mind wants us to eat even when we’re not hungry at 10 pm, but EAT EAT EAT whenever you are hungry!*