Avocado Toast

THE BEST THING EVERRRRRR. What you will need: -1 piece of whole wheat toast -Olive oil -1/2 of an avocado -Handful of walnuts and pinenuts combined -Salt and pepper   After you toast the bread, drizzle a little olive oil onto it. Mash on the avocado. I usually use a little less than half of […]

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The Classic

Oldie but goodie. Possibly the easiest snack ever, and great for you. What you will need: -1 rice cake -2 big spoonfuls of almond butter -Handful of blueberries OR ofcourse, you can make it with celery!!           If you’re eating this for breakfast, make sure you are eating more with it! […]

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Summer Cooler Smoothie

I randomly put together all of these ingredients yesterday and fell in LOVE! It’s sweet and refreshing. What you will need: -3/4 cup coconut milk -1 cup of frozen mangos, peaches, and carrots all cut up. (1 cup of ALL together, not each separately) -1 banana (frozen or not) -touch of organic agave -handful of […]

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