Katie Austin

Tips To Have a Healthy Spring Break

Tips To Have a Healthy Spring Break

Hi Girls! If you are in college and going to have a wild spring break trip, check out some of my reallllly simple tips to help you stay healthy! Always make sure you take care of your body. Be safe and have fun!!!

-Skip late night munchies by setting a food curfew.

-Never skip a meal- wake up and eat breakfast right away so your body is energized, it’s the base for your day.

-Drink a TON of water. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages, too. You don’t want to get dehydrated! (make sure water is safe to drink if you’re abroad, or get water bottles)

-Get in your hours of sleep! After two nights of bad sleeping, your body will start to get run down. Napping is also great for a little bit of rejuvenation. I know I will be sitting in the sun napping some days!