Katie Austin

Spring Break Recovery!

Spring Break Recovery!

Hi girls!! I hope everyone enjoyed/is enjoying/will enjoy their spring break vacation time! If you’re like me, you splurged a little bit on food while vacation and didn’t take as good care of your body as you normally do:/ I might have had wayyyy too many nachos and quesadillas… But here’s the good news! Because you splurged for just a week or less, it’s easy to recover and get back on that healthy track.

Actually, overeating for a couple days (just a couple days, not saying you should be over-eating a lot!!) can boost your metabolism by a few percent, and the more you eat can increase the amount of calories you’re body is burning. One thing I do not suggest, though, is trying to under-eat when you get home because you feel guilty of your over-eating. This will actually have a negative effect on the body and will not help you get back on your routine. It may actually start a bad routine of restraining yourself from food and then binging, which is not good for your metabolism. Make sure you’re just re-starting your healthy eating habits with food!

Right after a vacation, you need to show your body that you still care. Get lots of sleep and treat yourself to a lot of greens! I skipped all the vegetables in Mexico last week, and my body was craving greens when I got home! No, I’m not eating salads every single meal, but definitely loading up on the veggies. Try also taking a multi-vitamin and an omega-3 supplement every day. These vitamins will help reduce the inflammation that can be caused when eating unhealthy foods. The faster your body gets the nutrients it needs, the faster it will get back on track.

Make sure you’re drinking LOTS of water. If you have been consuming alcohol because you are over 21 of course;), then you’re body needs the water even more. Fluids are critical because all the extra salt and sugar in the drinks you consumed dehydrates your body like crazy. I suggest drinking some coconut water because it will also give your body he electrolytes it needs!

So you’ve been distracted on vacation for a week… no worries! It’s time to get back to that routine, though. Spend a little time every morning to plan out what you will do that day. The first two or three days back will be tough to get back up and started again, but after that, you will get be back in the groove in no time.




-My friend Natasha and I in Mexico last week:)