Katie Austin

What Do You Do When You’ve Hit A Wall?

What Do You Do When You’ve Hit A Wall?

Ok so maybe not a LEGIT wall like this photo hahah….. but when you’ve hit a metaphoric wall in your fitness journey.

To be honest, I’ve been there. I was actually there a few weeks ago. The feeling of really not wanting to workout. Getting bored with your workouts. And really just not finding as much motivation anymore. And as we all know it, motivation is KEY!

So what do you do?

Well I can tell you what I did- and it REALLY helped me get back on track with my fitness regimen.

First off, I was traveling two months ago like crazy, constantly wanting to eat bad, and go out with my friends. I mean, the latter two are always me, but it was just heightened a bit hahah. So once I got back from my trips I just felt very low energy to do anything.

It was nothing too big that helped me get my motivation back- it was small things that really added up.

So being totally real with you here, it’s really hard for ME to even stay on track without a goal or a date to look forward to. I love fitness goals because they really encourage me to workout and eat healthy. For example, this summer when I know I had a big summer trip coming up, I really gave it my all for a few weeks with my healthy habits. When I don’t have anything to really look forward to, it’s easier to say “eh f it I can have this burger, I can skip today’s workout.” So, setting goals are always important to me. Even if I don’t have ANYTHING coming up, I make up a date. Just so my mentality works the same. This months has been Halloween. (again, not that halloween even matters like that, it’s just a nice goal date in my head!!!)

Second, I asked myself if there was anything new I really wanted to try workout wise. I took two boxing classes, and three hot yoga sculpt classes. (over the course of a month) Even just getting out of your comfort zone once a week can REALLY help. And I know I’m hugeee on in home workouts, I think once a week or once every two weeks it’s really necessary to get outside, try a new class, or go to a gym. Not for getting more toned or losing weight. That’s not the point. But more so for your mental health and motivation! It really helps switching up your workouts and your routine once in a while.

Third. Workout with your friends. I’ve been working out with my mom a lot more lately actually, and it’s helped because I almost feel like exercise is not as big of a burden or any intimidation factor is there. It’s fun working out with someone else!!

Realize how AMAZING you feel after you workout. And never forget that feeling. When you’re about to workout, and you are dreading it, just imagine that post workout feeling.  Boosting confidence, sweating, and knowing you got it done that day is so worth it.

Fifth, don’t set yourself up for failure. Meaning, don’t have your goal be too big to reach, or your workout be too hard to complete. Be realistic about it, so you feel proud of yourself. Feeling accomplished within is so important.

And lastly, read some inspiring articles. There are so many inspiring people out there and reading up on them always gets me going. I love hearing others’ stories of hard work and determination because it gets me PUMPED on what’s possible to accomplish!!

So if you’re feeling a bit unmotivated lately, just know you’re definitely not alone.

I don’t feel motivated all the time either. But when I workout 4-5 times a week, and eat healthy 75% of the time, I feel SO good about myself come the end of the week. Not only physically more energized and productive, but internally pleased with myself.

So… GO GET OUT THERE AND DO IT BBS!!! You deserve to look and feel your best. No matter what!!!!!