Katie Austin

Turkey Toning Workout

Turkey Toning Workout

Happy Holidays my loves!!! Thanksgiving is a time for us all to reflect and be thankful for all that
we have BUT lets be honest guys,we’re also thinking about our delicious plates!! Now is as
good as time as any to take advantage of your cheat meal but you can still sneak in a workout
without even realizing you’re keepin’ that booty tight!!

Whether you’re preparing the entire feast or just helping with sides you can kill two birds with
one stone (pun intended) by doing a few workout moves while you’re cooking!

Checking the oven a lot? Do a squat every time you open and close it, you’ll be burning some of
the calories you’ll soon be eating while toning your glutes at the same time!!

Using a few cans of pumpkin to make your famous pumpkin pie??Use them as weights to work
your arms & back while in the kitchen! Go ahead, flex a little!!

Then of course, before we stuff our face, we gotta work our torso!!!


They say abs are made in the kitchen so apart from doing some quick “in the kitchen” workouts
I’m also going to share with you some helpful tips for keepin’ it just a LITTLE bit healthy during
this all too tempting holiday!

My first tip is to first go for the health-IER sides. The green beans, corn side, etc. Try to fill your plate first with the veggies and greens.

Another favorite alternative of mine is substituting sweet potato casserole smothered with melted marshmallows, for
roasted sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon. This is the perfect little dish to help satisfy
your sweet tooth and boost your beta-carotene intake which is amazingggg for fueling your

Then, I loveee adding in a little bit of cauliflower in the mashed potatoes. Nobody will even notice!!

Y’all already know how much I love my water so I of course had to throw in an H2O related tip
for you! Drink a glass or two before digging into mama’s delightful cooking that way you can feel
fuller and won’t over eat!!

Last but not least, eat a little slower and with good posture. Sometimes we tend to stuff our face SOOO fast (me), and to enjoy every bite, try to eat slower. That way we won’t over eat AS much. Plus, with good posture, we can feel when we’re pretty full.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday with your family & friends and remember, if you’re going for that
second plate, NO WORRIES!! Lunge your way back into the kitchen, because we only live once. Enjoy every moment of Thanksgiving day, because it only happens once a year. Eat your grandmas pumpkin pie, your great aunts dish, etc., because to be honest, you really never know how long you’re going to be able to indulge in dishes cooked by them. Ok sorry for just being a downer hahaha – but I would give anything to have my grandma or my uncles cooking again. Appreciate every second. Tell your family how much you love them!!

Love you guys!

xx Katie