Katie Austin

Tips on Drinking MORE WATER!

Tips on Drinking MORE WATER!

Hi everyonneeee!!!

So lets get down to it.
Water. H2O. Sparkling or Natural. Spring or Mineral. Whatever your preference is you better be
drinking it and A LOT of it!
Your body is made up of about 60% water which makes it superrrrr important to stay hydrated at
all times! It’s recommended to drink about 2 liters of water daily which is basically 8,eight ounce
glasses. Now I know what you’re thinking, with drinking a lot of water comes an annoying
amount of peeing…like an insaneeeee amount BUT I promise y’all the benefits of drinking your
daily dosage of water outweigh the inconvenience of having to use the bathroom a million times
a day!
With the (mouth-watering already just thinkin’ of all the good food I’m gonna eat!) upcoming
holiday festivities just around the corner it may be hard for you to even think about wanting to
start your drinking more water journey now and I don’t blame ya but I will help to ease you on in
to it! I’m gonna give you guys a few tips along with their benefits for staying hydrated to get you
not only through the holiday season but for life in general! Trust me your body will thank you and
you will feel AMAZING!!!

Drink water before every meal.
Thanksgiving dinner. My FAVORITE, also my worst enemy because I feel like I have to eat
EVERYTHING and multiple plates BUT my saving grace for not over indulging? Drink 2 glasses
of water before dinner that way it makes you feel fuller. You’re both hydrating and preventing
yourself for going for thirds because lets be honest, seconds are inevitable!

Water a little too “plain” for ya?? Infuse it!!
If drinking water isn’t exciting enough for you then you can add some fresh fruit to help make it a
little more enticing!
Lemon – Not only does adding lemon make your water taste delicious but if
you’re drinking it cold then it can help aid in weight loss! It also gives your immune
system a boost and the acids help to digest food and the best benefit is that the vitamin
C helps to reduce wrinkles-forever young!!!
Ginger – If you really want to add a kick to your H2O then try adding some ginger, it
helps with reducing inflammation and ladies if it’s that time of the month this is a great
natural remedy for easing those totally unnecessary menstrual cramps!
Cucumber– A refreshing fav. of mine! Cucumbers help deliver antioxidants to your body
which helps in the prevention of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, they’re also high in
vitamin K which helps to boost bone health!

Challenge yourself to those 8 glasses a day.
I know I know 8 glasses of water a day sounds like a TON but you can do it!! The 8×8 rule
makes it easy to remember ( 8 glasses of 8 ounces).

Find a favorite water bottle.
8 glasses a day not practical enough with your busy schedule?? It’s ok, you can still get all of
the water you need by simply carrying around a water bottle! Think of it as your new sidekick-
whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the go to your next meeting it’s a great reminder for
you to sip BEFORE you’re thirsty! If you’re only drinking water when you’re thirsty that’s no
bueno because it’s an indicator you’re dehydrated. Drink. Refill. REPEAT!

Sip up everybody!! Remember it just starts with 1 cup in the morning, you will slowly but surely
get into the habit of drinking all of the water you need. Find what works for you and stick to it!
Stay hydrated my loves!!

xx Katie