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How to Bounce Back After Halloween

How to Bounce Back After Halloween

Hi everyone!!

First off, I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I had tons of fun, but let’s just say I definitely didn’t treat my bod as the temple it is.. HA! To start this blog off, I just wanted to say that it’s really normal to feel “guilty” after your birthday, holiday, halloween, etc.  as it’s easier to fall in junk food traps, sugary cocktails, and maybe not being as active as we should be. (Esp during the start of holiday season, too) BUT! At the same time, live your damn life, and enjoy everything to the fullest! Of course, always try your best to eat clean and workout on a routine, but sometimes we gotta treat ourselves. So speaking of treats, I hope you guys enjoyed some Halloween treats this week… but now it’s back to business babies!!

A few tips for you right now:

Don’t skip meals. You may have over-indulged, but skipping meals won’t get you back on your A game. You want to go back to your eating clean healthy meals routine as you normally would!

Drink tons of water. EXTRA water this weekend as your body needs to flush out those toxins.

HOT YOGA: Speaking of toxins, after a big week of junk and maybe alcohol, I love going to hot yoga to sweat it alllll out.

Get some rest. Getting back in your normal weekly sleep routine is key. A bad night sleep can throw off your entire week. I know when I get my 7 hours of sleep, I am wayyyy more productive and ready for a morning workout. That can dictate my whole day in a healthy way.

Don’t eat past 7 pm. This will help shrink back your bloating. After a couple days of not eating good, drinks, etc, my tummy can be bloated for DAYS. Seriously. So when I eat an early dinner a couple nights in a row, with nothing after 7 pm, my belly definitely flattens!

THEN! I’m so excited because I have the perfect way for you to jump back on the Fall fitness routine. It can be sooo hard as it’s getting colder out and as the holidays roll around to stay in the best shape, but that is why I am introducing this fun 15 Day Challenge!! #KatieAustinChallenge

I know how the weekend after Thanksgiving feels. I feel so guilty, low, and disappointed I indulged as much as I did. To prevent that feeling- and to still feel FIT after all the festivities, this challenge leads you into the best version of yourself come Thanksgiving day. We are starting Wednesday, November 7 until November 21st (day before the Holiday!).

Introducing the GRATE-FULL-BODY Challenge!

There will be a workout challenge to do after your daily calendar, a recipe a day, and a gratitude tip. All exclusively on my app!

Are you in?! Get ready because there’s a GRAND PRIZE of $250 and an AustinActive.com outfit of your choice. If you hashtag #katieaustinchallenge on Instagram, you are entered to win!! Again, we are starting Nov 7! Get ready baby!