Katie Austin

Sweet potato hash with egg & avocado

Sweet potato hash with egg & avocado

So I bought this bag of mini sweet potatoes from Trader Joe’s last week and I wasn’t sure exactly what to make with all of them, but when I came back from my workout this morning I was craving hash browns for some reason so decided to try a healthy-ish version with sweet potatoes and WOWWW it came out so freaking good!

Here is what you will need (made for 2 people):

2 small sweet potatoes

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 of an onion, chopped

1/2 bell pepper

1/4 cup of corn

1 tsp taco seasoning mix

2 eggs

1/2 avocado

salt and pepper to tast


First I chopped up the onion and placed it in 1 tbsp of olive oil in a sauté pan. While the onion was simmering, I peeled and grated my sweet potatoes.









After about 3-4 minutes, I added the grated sweet potato and spread it out across the pan in a thin layer so that it started to get crispy. I added a little more olive oil here to get my hash crispy.









While this is heating up, I chopped up half of a bell pepper and added that as well as the 1/4 cup corn to the pan.









Fry everything together for about 5 minutes and then add your taco seasoning and salt and pepper! Feel free to add red pepper flakes or hot sauce if you like a little extra spice!

Then I topped my sweet potato hash with a fried egg and some sliced avocado! SO GOOD you guys!!! Hope you enjoy! xx