Katie Austin

Peach Basil Spritz

Peach Basil Spritz

This light & refreshing spritz really encapsulates summer with its fresh flavors from the peaches and fresh basil. And the best part is if you’re looking to make it a little boozier, feel free to swap out the club soda for a spiked seltzer or Prosecco!


Ice, for the cocktail shaker & to serve

6-8 fresh basil leaves

2 shots vodka

2 shots of peach juice, or peach puree

1 shot of club soda, or seltzer or Prosecco

1/2 teaspoon agave

1/2 lime, to juice

Optional: yellow peach (fresh or frozen) or basil leaves to garnish

The recipe:

Optional: You can muddle the basil leaves to help bring out the flavors beforehand. If you don’t have a grinder, you can muddle your herbs by adding that along with a little bit of sugar, then pressing and twisting for a few minutes with a fork till your desired flavor. If you choose to do this route – feel free to add less agave to reduce sweetness!

In a cocktail shaker, combine your peach juice/puree, basil leaves, vodka, club soda, agave, lime juice, and ice.

Shake until combined well, approximately 1-2 minutes! Be careful because the bubbles in the club soda will create extra pressure in the shaker!

Strain and serve over ice. Garnish with your optional basil leaves or peach slice! Enjoy!! xx