Katie Austin

De-stressing Exercises

De-stressing Exercises

Feeling Stressed? Try these simple exercises.


No matter who we are, we all get stressed out. I know I get stressed very easily, and it keeps me from sleeping at night! When I exercise during the day, though, it is noticeably easier to sleep soundly at night. Even if you feel you are too stressed and don’t have time to do a full workout, no worries, ten minutes is all the time you need sometimes.


Going on a Run or a Walk (for even just ten minutes)
Walking or running helps me incredibly with clearing my mind. Put in headphones and listen to your favorite songs to get your mind off of whatever is going on in your life. Going for a walk or run also boosts your endorphins, which reduces your stress hormones. Usually, I like to go outside when I walk or run because of the scenery as a great distraction. The atmosphere of a treadmill can be redundant and mundane, while the fresh air feels great (if weather is accommodating) on your skin. No need to go for even thirty minutes, ten minutes will be better than nothing.

Yoga and stretching releases so much built up body tension. Loosening your body muscles helps you loosen up in life, especially if you’re sitting behind a desk for hours a day. Put your phone on Pandora yoga music and this will calm you even more. Yoga and stretching are both so relaxing; soothing your whole body.

If you’re the angry type of stressing, I suggest boxing- or just punching a bag. Of course this exercise is also great for your arms, but better yet, it will help you release a lot of anxiety. When I’m angry-stressing, after going on a short run and punching a bag a few times, I am a new girl.

Breathing Exercises
Short breaths can make you more stressed out. If you take long breathes, it can help you calm down a ton. As a breathing exercise, you can count the number of breath cycles (inhale, exhale) you take each minute. Slow down your breath, and try breathing by using your lungs so you feel your stomach dramatically moving in and out. While you breathe, try your best to think of the places you love in life, could be imagining yourself on a beach in a hammock, or among the trees on a great hike.