Katie Austin

Your Guide To The Ultimate Galentine’s Day

Your Guide To The Ultimate Galentine’s Day

Whether you’re counting down the days until V-Day and celebrating with that special someone or you’re avoiding it like it’s the freaking plague, there’s one thing we can all agree on: we all could use a Galentine’s Day (calling it G-Day from now on) celebration with our friends!! I mean who doesn’t love a night where you and all of your friends (single or not) can get together, eat some good food, drink endless amounts of Rose, watch predictable rom coms and celebrate your love for each other?! Definitely a holiday I think we can all get on board with! There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this made-up holiday but if you are planning to get together with some friends here are a few ideas for a G- Day celebration that you and your friends will remember forever!

Going to start off with my favorite G-Day theme: At Home Wine Tasting

OK I know this one sounds like an obvious choice for me (you guys KNOW how much I love wine) but hear me out for a sec! Setting up an at home wine tasting with your friends just sounds so much classier than just saying “come over to crush some bottles of wine with me.” Each person can do a little research on their favorite vineyard or bottle of wine and find out what pairs well with it and bring both the wine and the snack pairing to the G-Day celebration!  It’s a great way to learn more about your favorite wines and also get a chance to try some new ones! Pro tip: have a charcuterie board and chocolate waiting for your friends to arrive because I meannnn, who doesn’t love cheese and chocolate?!?

Spa Day

This is another fun one because with spas being closed right now, we could all use a little pampering in our lives. I used to get my nails done all the time when I was on the road for work and let me tell you, they need some TLC! SO! Set up a little spa night for your friends. Get sheet masks, get some Epsom salts and set up a little tub to do some at-home mani/pedi action and bring the spa to you! Put on some relaxing music and sip on some cucumber water (with vodka, of course lol) and relax and indulge with your besties! Once you’re feeling nice and pampered, pop on your favorite rom com and laugh with your friends about the fact that nobody actually meets their significant other at a grocery store or by bumping into them on the street!

Dig Deep

Ok so a few weeks ago my friends and I were hanging out and one of my friends pulled out this card game called It’s Personal and WOWWWW you guys! It was honeslty lifechanging. So the game (I’ve linked it here) is designed to connect you and the group you’re playing with on a deeper level. Making your connections more meaningful and adding another layer to your relationships with each other! It’s wild guys! We were all in tears by the end of this game. The cards have different prompts and questions that you will answer throughout the game. For example, one of the cards might say “Name 3 reasons why you are worthy” or “what is your favorite thing about the person sitting to your right” or “what do you want to be remembered for”? These are insanely deep and personal questions that might not come up in your day to day conversations with your friends so it’s honestly so beautiful to see and hear your friends let their guards down and express themselves in a really unique way. I Hope you and your friends enjoy this as much as I did with mine!!

Get Crafty

Another fun theme could be a craft night! You and your friends could set up a wine and paint night or you could go to the craft store and pick up some string and beads and make some friendship bracelets together. Or if you guys are feeling extra crafty, you could make candles or hand cream with essential oils! I love essentials oils and always have my diffuser going so this would be a fun and unique way to roll up your sleeves and get crafty with your friends!!

Chef it up!

Or if you and your friends are into cooking/baking, you could set up some sort of cook off! A couple of different ways you could do this would be:

  • Baking competition: pick a dish (say choc chip cookies for example) and everyone makes their version of the recipe and then you all compare to see which one you like best!
  • Pick a really random ingredient and everyone has to make something with it and you can decide who was most creative/who had the best tasting dish!
  • Pick a theme and everyone has to make something that fits the theme!

Whatever it is you and your friends decide to do to celebrate your love for each other, you won’t be disappointed! Designating a night to being together, putting down your phones and appreciating each other’s company is the little escape from reality that we all need right now! So do it! Call up your friends, actually get in on your calendars haha, and celebrate your love for each other in whatever way feels right for you! xx Katie