Katie Austin

Tips For Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Tips For Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Hi y’all!! 


If you gave me the choice between Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s, it’s pretty safe to say I’m going with TJ’s! Not only is it a little more on the affordable side but because they have some DANK foods you can’t find anywhere else! 


To be honest though, no matter where you get your groceries, grocery shopping can be a significant expense if we’re not aware of HOW to grocery shop. 


Budgeting can help a ton to help keep you from breaking the bank, but I have a few other wallet-friendly tips you can put into action before your next trip to the store!


Make A List


Sounds basic but it helps! By making a list of what you actually need, you don’t run the risk of forgetting what you went to the grocery store for or buying food you don’t really need. It’s also helpful if you plan your meals for the week, that way you buy exactly what’s on the menu and then you can just add any other necessities as needed to your list!


Set A Budget


Setting goals will help you to set a budget. First take a look at what you’re already spending on groceries each week, then decide what you want to accomplish. Is it spending less by $50? Buying more fresh produce? Reducing the amount of processed foods you buy? These are all questions you should ask yourself to help figure out where you can make adjustments. Grocery shopping only once a week will also help you to stick to your budget compared to stopping at the store a few times a week!


Go Energized


If you’ve had a long, busy day, stopping by the grocery store will be the LAST thing you want to do. Go at a time when you actually have energy that way it’s easier to focus and make smarter choices! 


Get Organized


Organization is the key to saving you time and most importantly MONEY. By organizing your fridge, cupboards and drawers, you’ll not only make it easier for you to see what you have, but it’ll help you to not unnecessarily buy more of the same. Make it a habit to clean out your food storage at least once a month and make sure to use up what you have before buying more!


Get Creative


It’s honestly so sad when you go to the grocery store and they don’t have what you’re looking for, but if 2020 has taught me anything it is to BE FLEXIBLE! Maybe your favorite name brand snacks are out of stock, why not try the less expensive one? You just might love it more! Maybe the prices of some produce you were looking for has gone up..get creative & substitute it for something else! Try new foods and don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands!

ALSO! Try a local farmers market if they’re open! Supporting local grocery shops and markets can be more affordable and more FRESH!




All caps because this is a mistake we ALL make and end up paying for! If you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you legit spend money on food you don’t even need-I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a proven fact! LOL Try to eat a substantial meal before heading into the store, it’ll help you to buy less snacks and only buy what’s necessary. 


The most important part of budgeting is buying only what you NEED and planning ahead. These tips alone are enough to help you save the most money when it comes to grocery shopping, so try it out and see how you do on your next grocery run!