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Staying Fit & Focused in the Winter

Staying Fit & Focused in the Winter


Winter is in sight! As the days go on, it’s getting colder!! Some people love the cold and find it more refreshing, but if you’re like me… you hate it. You might find it harder to be motivated in the winter time because you aren’t going to be wearing a bathing suit anytime soon and you just want to stay inside by the fire with hot chocolate. Also, let’s be real. The food around the holiday time is the best thing ever… Here are seven tips on how to stay fit and focused in the upcoming months!!


Fall in love with an indoor activity/class:
If you love exercising outside, try an indoor activity! This will be great to switch up your routine, too. Some examples of what I do: pick-up basketball, spin class, zumba, hip hop, barre.

In-home workouts:
If even getting in your car to go somewhere sounds dreadful because of the cold, get creative in your own home! Blast some music in your house and use different pieces of furniture to do exercises on. Check out the different in-home workouts in the posts I have on this website!

Keep drinking water:
Sometimes we mistake dehydration for hunger. We still need to drink lots of water even when it’s cold outside. So make sure you’re still drinking enough H20!

Don’t skip meals:
This one is huge. I know during the holiday season I tend to eat more because I am always with my giant family (who makes the best and biggest meals ever). Some people will think that if you have a big meal for dinner, they are going to skip breakfast, or if you have a huge lunch you should skip dinner. This is not good! To stay fit you actually should not skip your meals! Just make it a lighter meal- but really try to stay on track with having breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Drink hot tea before a meal:
Drinking a cup of green tea will help you digest the big holiday meals you intake!

Layer up when you run:
When I was an athlete, I used to have games in the snow and hail. Yes this was dreadful, but once I found the clothing that kept me warm, I didn’t mind it. Especially because when I started to run, I immediately warmed up. Fresh air is always good for you! (I use Under Armour- best cold gear ever!)

Always keep your goals in your head:
Last but not least, remember how far you’ve come and how much you want to keep your goals. It’s so easy to cover up in bulky clothing and sit on the couch, but focus on all the effort you have put in so far and all the good you felt when you were exercising. Look ahead and realize how happy you will be if you keep up your fitness and nutrition during the winter! Look forward to the warmer months when pool parties are happening! Ambition is everything.