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How to SNACK Healthy + 10 Best Snacks

How to SNACK Healthy + 10 Best Snacks

Hello beauties!!

Let’s take a moment to talk about SNACKS! Who doesn’t love snacking on a little something while binge watching a new series on Netflix or even while working at your desk?! I know I do but that’s honestly not the healthiest way to snack and yes I know what you’re thinking “There’s a “healthy” way to snack?!” YES! But don’t worry y’all, I’ve got you covered with the do’s + dont’s of snacking!

Take your snack on the go. This is a LIFESAVER!! Sometimes when you’re running around and have no real down time to eat you tend to go for an unhealthy food option since it’s the easiest thing to grab but if you prepare ahead of time by packing a little baggy of nuts or even some apple slices you’ll be able to tie yourself over until your next meal!

Put your snack on a plate or bowl. If you’re home and decide you want to treat yourself to one of your fav. boxed or bagged snacks then pour some into a bowl, this will help limit the amount you eat. It’s all about portion control!! Go for an energy boost. If you’re going for that 3 o’clock coffee to get you through the rest of the day then might as well go for a snack that acts as a pick me up! Mixed nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts) are a great example and they’ll leave you feeling full but just make sure to keep the portion small because nuts do contain a lot of

Balance your snacks. Basically this means combining a small amount of something with healthy fat along with something very light. The perfect “high-low” combo? Peanut butter and celery sticks!

Eat in a hurry.  Sometimes when a snack is so good I tend to scarf it down (oops!) which my body HATES because it digests the food less efficiently. Take your time, eat slower, savor your tasty snack! Wait too long to eat in between meals. Did you know one of the causes of overeating is under-eating ?! (I know who would have thought!!) Whenever you’re feeling a little bit hungry go ahead and snack on a little something that way you don’t overindulge later when you’re starving.

Snack while you’re doing something else. Trust me I know there’s nothing like eating some popcorn while watching a movie or going for those chips while at your desk but it’s important to snack mindfully! Pause for a moment and focus on your snack that way you’re not totally distracted by anything else and before you know it realize you ate the whole bag of chips!!

Substitute low-calorie snacks for high-calorie ones. You might think high-calorie snacks would be more filling but your body is actually the most sensitive to the volume you eat so it’s best to choose snacks that will take up more space in your belly such as water-filled grapes, one of my fav. snacks!!

We all get the munchies so don’t try to fight it just be smart about it! You can have your guilty pleasures (I personally love me some chips ‘n queso *drools*) but try opting for healthy alternatives as well such as hummus and carrots! Remember it’s all about balance and small portions!

Still not sure what exactly qualifies as a “healthy” snack?? I got you!!

I’ve made a list below of 10 healthy snacks you should be eating:

1. Fruit With Nut Butter: This is the perfect fiber and protein combo and probs one of the easiest snacks to carry around with you! Nut butters such as almond and peanut butter contain healthy fats and protein which helps to satisfy your hunger, pair a spoonful of your choice with apple slices and you’re good to go!

2. Kale Chips: It’s time to ditch the Lays y’all!! Try substituting your favorite bag of chips for kale chips instead, they’re rich in vitamin K and full of fibre!

3. Pomegranates in Greek Yogurt: Now I know Pomegranates can be a bit of a pain to prepare since you have to dig out all of the seeds ( or jewels as I like to call them, they’re so beautiful!!) BUT they’re high in antioxidants! Combining pomegranates (or even blueberries which are rich in antioxidants as well) with Greek yogurt is a delicious little treat! Greek yogurt is filled with the good probiotics you need to keep your gut nice and healthy!!

4. Trail Mix: Go nuts for nuts!! Instead of buying pre-packaged trail mix at the grocery store, try making your own mix! I suggest buying a variety such as pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, cashews, walnuts and maybe throwing some raisins in there as well! Try all different combinations until you find the perfect healthy fat nut mix for you!

5. Bell Peppers (Sliced): Bell peppers are quick and easy to prepare to take with you on the go! Just slice up some of these colorful peppers and you’ll be giving your body all the potassium, folate and Vitamins A, B6, C, E and K1 it needs!

6. Hard Boiled Egg: Might be smelly to make lol but they’re sooo good and good for you!! I slice mine up and put a lil salt and pepper on them!!  I usually have 2 as a snack.

7. Smoothies: Who doesn’t love a good smoothie?!? If you find it hard to get your greens in daily then try getting them in through a smoothie! One of my go-to recipes is kale, cucumber, avocado, green apple and a banana to cut out the kale taste. Prepare it in the morning or night before and put it in a mason jar, they’re perfect for traveling!

8. Carrot Sticks With Hummus: Go ahead and ditch the pita chip and just go straight for the carrots- that will keep your skin healthy as well as aid in digestion! Pair them with your fav. protein rich hummus and get to dippin’!!

9. Bananas: Bananas are literally the EASIEST and most hassle-free snack you can take with you on the go and they’re filled with potassium. They’ll give you a nice little sugar rush without the crash at the end!

10. Butter-free Popcorn With A Dash Of Yeast: Did you know popcorn packs in more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables?? Crazy right!! Instead of going for the “Movie Theater Butter” bag of popcorn go butter-free, but sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top, it’ll add a cheesy flavor to help give it a little somethin’!


xx Katie