Katie Austin

How To Make The Perfect Kale Chips

How To Make The Perfect Kale Chips

As simple as it seems, making the perfectly tasting and crispy kale chip can be hard. But this recipe is as easy and tasty as it gets.

FIRST: Pre heat the oven to 400 (Bake)


Lay out the kale (3 and a half cups of slightly pressed down leaves) on a cookie sheet, try to remove all the stems!

Sprinkle olive oil over the kale (1/8 cup)
Use a garlic press (or cut REALLY small) to sprinkle 1/4 clove ( i love garlic!!!) over the kale.
THEN, massage all kale together mixing up evenly the garlic and olive oil.
Sprinkle the kale with pepper and salt and only a tiny bit of red pepper flakes for some spice.
Put it in the oven for only 5-7 minutes! (if you like them extra crispy leave them in there for 1 or 2 more minutes)
Optional: parmasean!!!
Serves 1