Katie Austin

Cucumber + Red Onion Pickled Slaw

Cucumber + Red Onion Pickled Slaw

1 cucumber

1 red onion

1 cup slaw

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

The recipe:

Prep your veggies by grating your cucumber and peeling + dicing your onion! Mix so that your veggies are nice and combined, making it easier once you place into your jar.

Put your cut veggies into the jar, then set aside.

In a small pot, bring your white vinegar to a simmer on medium heat. Stir in your salt and sugar for a minute or so then carefully remove from heat and pour the mixture into your jar CAREFULLY while still hot.

Once combined, stick it in your fridge and let it marinate in all the pickled yummy goodness!

I like to leave it to pickle overnight so that you get all the great flavors, but you can literally eat it whenever you want! Just remember that the longer you let it soak, the more flavor-packed your veggies will be!

I love making this to have on hand whenever I want in the fridge, it pairs as such a light side for so many meals or even a great snack!

Good meals I love to pair this with are turkey sandwiches, on top of salads, Asian style bowls, the sky is the limit!