Katie Austin

Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

I am SUCCCHHHH a big fan of breakfast for dinner and my favorite thing about these pancakes are all the super fun ways you can top them! The other night I used the most incredible plant based cinnamon butter from the farmer’s market and omg it was soooooo good. But you totally could top it with some yummy berries and fruit, powdered sugar, nut butter, more chocolate, OMG the possibilities are literally ENDLESS!!

1 ripe banana

1/3 cup buttermilk pancake mix

1 scoop Greek yogurt

1 egg

1/2 cup chocolate chips

The recipe:

Take 1 ripe banana and mash till there are no clumps, so that it’s easy to mix with your other ingredients.

Add your mashed banana, buttermilk pancake mix, Greek yogurt, and egg to a bowl.

To cook, add a little bit of butter to grease your pan. Then add even scoops to a pan on medium heat – I like to keep them smaller so they’re easier to flip! Sprinkle in your chocolate chips before you flip them!

Let cook through till you see air bubbles form then flip (about a minute) then flip so the other side is golden brown for another minute.

You can flip the pancakes a few times if you need to so you can get them evenly browned. (Flipping is way easier once the second side is set!)

Top your pancakes with your favorite fruits, nuts, syrups, whatever you want – literally the possibilities are endless! Enjoy, xx!!