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7 ways to make your space SUPER COZY this winter!!

7 ways to make your space SUPER COZY this winter!!

I recently moved into a new place and I’ve been doing some major upgrades in the decorating and interior design departments! The last place that I lived in, I really wasn’t able to make it feel like home because I was on the road for work so much and then spent time at my family’s house during quarantine. So moving into this new place has definitely been a turning point for me! A clean slate for my room and workout studio as I try and make them both feel like home! I’ve been trying to go for a more earthy and minimalist look but also making sure that my space is cozy and comforting! This past week it started getting SUPER cold in Los Angeles (relatively cold… I know, I know) but has made me realize that I need to try and find ways to make my place feel warm and cozy, regardless of the season!


So I’ve been doing a lot of research online trying to figure out ways to cozify (is that even a word?!?) my new place and I keep coming across pages talking about Hygge! Have you guys heard of Hygge? It’s a Danish word pronounced “hue-gah” that is ALLLLL about that cozy lifestyle. Hygge is a feeling…it’s an overall feeling of comfort, togetherness and well-being. Imagine being curled up in your favorite socks, under a massive fur blanket, with the fireplace on, candle burning, cup of steaming hot tea, and reading your favorite book, ALL during a snowstorm. THAT is hygge. Need I say more?


I’m going to share with you 7 ways to Hygge-fy your home!!!! AKA 7 ways to make your place feel super comfy, cozy and warm (just in time for the holidays)!


  1. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!!…when it comes to candles or comforting scents around your space! I love candles and I honestly have them burning all year round, but there is something exceptionally comforting about lighting up a candle during the colder months with all of the warm, spicy and festive holiday scents! I love scents that smell like fresh baked goods and also ones that make me feel like I’m outdoors! If candles aren’t your thing, I highly highly recommend trying a diffuser. I got a diffuser about a year ago and I absolutely love it. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to some water in your diffuser and your whole world will be transformed into a deliciously scented paradise! And bonus feature about your diffuser is that you don’t have to worry about turning it off. It can run safely even if you do fall asleep because your space is just THAT cozy now!
  2. Go blanket crazy, with an extra focus on soft and fluffy textures. Can’t stress this enough! I have so many blankets, all different sizes and textures! I have them on my bed, couch and chairs and usually just throw them in a way that looks like someone just left them there! I don’t like to fold them because I feel like the unkempt look just makes it that much cozier! As for color, most of my blankets are warm and neutral tones! But really anything works so go with whatever makes you happy at the end of the day! 🙂
  3. Bring on the plants!Plants are super soothing and honestly make my space feel complete. If you have a green thumb, by all means, go for a bunch of live plants! But if you’re like me and always on the go, it can sometimes be easier to just get some fake plants! Some fake plants these days look SO REAL you honestly can’t even tell the difference. So definitely add some plants of all different sizes, some cute pots (I usually like earthy colored pots, sometimes a pop of gold is nice too) and place them all over your space to really add another dimension to your room!
  4. Harness natural and warm light! If you’re lucky and have windows that let in some natural light, make the most of that! If you get that morning light, harness that in the morning and carve out time in your day to soak that in! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. If you have afternoon lighting, carve out that time in the afternoon. If you aren’t able to get that natural light just try and fill your space with some different light fixtures and make sure you always use warm light bulbs so you don’t get that white/cold lighting!
  5. Get steamy!!Grab yourself a cup of your favorite hot beverage and curl up in your bed on your couch and savor every sip! I love enjoying my coffee in the morning and a nice cup of tea in the afternoon! Or you can have a glass of wine  Another great way to get steamy…take a bath or hot shower!! Light some candles, play your favorite music and take a moment for yourself to just relax and enjoy the moment.
  6. Disconnect!I know it’s so hard for us to do, believe me, I KNOW how difficult it can be, but try and put your phone away if you can! We live in such a connected world and we are so intertwined with technology but it’s really important to try and carve out some time without your phone, without your tablet, without your computer and just be present! Focus on your breathing… focus on how you’re feeling, focus on what you’re hearing, focus on what you can smell and focus on being in the moment! Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it will be worth it!!! Try it!!!
  7. Make something! It doesn’t matter what. Just make something with your hands! I love making and trying new foods! Making food really helps me slow down and reconnect with the things that I love! I love sharing food with my friends and family, making the food together is also really important and it also makes the house smell so incredibly good!