Katie Austin

Chickpea Caesar Pinwheels

Chickpea Caesar Pinwheels

These little bite size pinwheels are the perfect 5-min lunch or snack you’ll absolutely love! Who doesn’t LOVE a good Caesar salad? They are the perfect way to mix up your classic Caesar – especially if you’re on the go! I used chickpeas as my protein since I made this for meatless Monday but feel free to add some rotisserie chicken in there too!

Note: these measurements are for 1 serving (appx. 4 pinwheels) – feel free to multiply depending on how many pinwheels you want to make!

1 tortilla

1.5 cup shredded romaine

2.5 tbsp parm

1.5 tbsp olive oil

1.5 tbsp Caesar salad dressing

1/2 cup chickpeas, rinsed

Seasonings: salt and pepper to taste

Optional: avocado, tomato, croutons, rotisserie chicen

The recipe:

Prep your romaine by shredding. Make sure your chickpeas are rinsed and drained so your pinwheels don’t get super soggy!

Mix up your romaine, parmesan, olive oil, Caesar salad dressing, and salt and pepper to taste in a separate bowl.

On the stove, heat up your tortilla on the open flame for that yummy charred flavor and crisp!

Then take your tortilla off the heat and place on a plate or board to assemble your pinwheels. Smash your chickpeas directly on your tortilla with a fork to form a paste – it should be super easy since the chickpeas are super tender.

Add your Caesar salad mixture on top, then roll it up. Tip – Don’t fill the tortilla too full or else there won’t be enough to roll!

Once rolled up, cut the burrito-like form into pieces and you have your pinwheels, ready to go! Enjoy!! xx