Katie Austin

Mini Bell Pepper Bites

Mini Bell Pepper Bites

I had a really big breakfast the other day so I wasn’t super hungry for a full lunch but I did want a snack! So I decided to make these mini bell pepper sandwich bites and they actually came out so well! Perfect for a light lunch of afternoon snack! I listed the ingredients that I used, below, but feel free to just use up whatever you have in your fridge! You really can’t mess these up!

Here’s what you need: 

Mini bell peppers

Cream cheese

Sliced turkey




Dijon mustard



Here’s how you make it:

Cut your peppers in half (the long way) and scrape out seeds

Add cream cheese or avocado (something with a little bit of stickiness to it) to the bottom of one half of your pepper

Then add turkey or whatever kind of meat you are using here

Then top with additional seasonings/toppings (I put pesto, pepper jack cheese, dijon mustard, salami all on different ones)

Then add salt and pepper (Everything But The Bagel seasoning would also taste really good here)

Then if you want to add any greens, you can add them at the end ( I used spinach but arugula or basil would work well too!)