Katie Austin

Elevated Kale Caesar

Elevated Kale Caesar

Serves 2

4-6 breaded chicken tenders (I used frozen ones from Applegate…I am definitely not suggesting that you have to use those, but just sharing what I used in this recipe!!)

1 cup chickpeas (extra protein!!)

Seasoning for chickpeas: garlic powder, sea salt and paprika and 1 tbsp olive oil

4-5 cups kale

1 tbsp olive oil (for kale)

1/2 cup diced tomatoes 

1/2 cup finely diced red onion 

1/2 avocado, diced

1/2 squeeze of lemon

1/3 cup parmesan cheese

1/3 cup caesar dressing of choice…. I love Marie’s! (not the healthiest but definitely the tastiest in my opinion)

Salt and pepper to taste 

Optional: add a touch of Worcestershire sauce

Here’s how you make it:

Add chickpeas and seasoning to a baking sheet and mix around until they are evenly coated. Then add your frozen chicken tenders to the pan and cook for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees. I like to cook my chickpeas and chicken tenders at the same time and they come out perfectly together, but be sure to check the package of your chicken tenders for proper cooking times when you are making this!

The chickpeas will come out slightly crispy which is EXACTLY what you want for this recipe because they are basically acting as the “croutons” in this dish, but with actual nutrients! 🙂

While your chickpeas and chicken tenders are in the oven, it’s time to cut up all of your veggies.

Next, take your kale in a big bowl and massage it with 1 tbsp olive oil, just to soften it up a little! Then add in all of your chopped veggies.

Once the chickpeas and chicken tenders are done, dice up the chicken into smaller, bite-sized pieces and then add everything to your salad bowl with the kale and veggies!

Add lemon juice, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and mix until everything is well combined!! I always like to add a little bit more shredded parm on my salad once it’s plated! Hope you enjoy!!