17 Minute Standing Abs

This low-impact standing workout is quick and effective & all you’ll need is one weight! We won’t be getting down on the floor at all but your abs will still be feeling the burn just the same! So press play

Pilates-Style Lean & Lengthening Legs

This is a pilates style lower body lean & lengthening routine is the perfect 20-minute routine! We’re going to be using just bodyweight for this one – amazing for anytime, anywhere! This one is so fun! Now, let’s get to

15 Minute Love Handles Routine

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and Spring right around the corner, I thought I’d do a love handle workout! I get asked a lot about how to work this body spot, so here are a few of my favorite bodyweight

Beginner Low Impact Dance Cardio

Welcome to your beginner low impact dance cardio! Dance cardio is one of my FAVE ways to boost my mood & really improve my cardiovascular health! It’s the best to get your heart rate, break a sweat and have some

25 Minute Treadmill Toning

In this guided tread routine, we’re going to blend together a mix of cardio and some bodyweight exercises to make sure you get the most out of your walk! We’re going to kick things into high gear with a little

20 Min Beginner Interval Tread Routine

Welcome to your 20 Minute Beginner Interval Routine! Today we’ll kick it up to 7 MPH but if you feel it’s too fast-paced, take it down a notch or two. We’re going to do some stretches, fast walks, runs, &

10 Minute Tread De-stress Routine

Welcome to your 10-minute De-stress Routine! If you need a little midday energy boost or just want to relieve some neck and wrist tension, this is the routine for you! I promise you will feel so much better and energized

How to Boost Your Confidence x Lower Body

EPISODE 6: Welcome back to Episode 6 of Walk It Out, where we’re focusing on boosting confidence. Join me as I give you all my tips and tricks to be your most confident self. Plus – this episode is a

Denise Austin + Her Best Tips x Medium Walk

EPISODE 3: Welcome to a VERY SPECIAL episode of Walk It Out, featuring – my mom, the queen of walking, Denise Austin. Join us on a refreshing walk as we delve into a conversation filled with great weight loss tips

Building Healthy Habits x Power Walk

Welcome back to Walk It Out! In this episode, we’re diving into the powerful world of habits. We will dive into more walking exercises than episode 1, while simultaneously unlocking the power of practicing good habits, enabling us to make