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Travel Blog: Tulum + Cancun

Travel Blog: Tulum + Cancun

Hellllo hi HOLA!

Last week, my boyfriend and I traveled to Tulum and Cancun! Here is the breakdown of our trip, including what I ate, where we stayed, tricks to stay healthy, and pictures! Enjoy!

First Stop

The Nomade Hotel РSo insanely beautiful!

Basically our daytime life here consisted of tacos, margs, and laying under these amazing cabanas.

For breakfast, I ate a few slices of fruit, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, coffee, and then my FAV was the authentic huevos rancheros. I feel like in the US, they make these super heavy, but this huevo ranchero style egg was just on a crispy tortilla, with some amazing ranchero sauce on it. 

For lunch, we most likely were eating chips and guac, or tacos:) With, a marg of course. 

For mid day snacks, we had smoothies, or went to the great Matcha place in town!!

Andddd for dinner, we went to Gitano one night, which was sooo good. Every little seating area and design in Tulum is so adorable. So many moments of house stylin inpso. The drinks at Gitano were AMAZING. One restautant that I would’ve loved to go to (but we didn’t get a reservation) was Hartwood. It was sooo cute and poppin. Make a reservation there about a week in advance to get in! (as we were told)


I ended up getting little sick of margs, so I started blending whatever juice of the day they had, with tequila. This was is pure papaya juice, and it was amazing! This lunch spot was incredible. It was called La Popular and we sat in a swing eating lunch, over looking the beach.

Next stop!

JW Marriot Cancun!

Not only is the staff here amazing, but the resort, pool, walking distance to other tractions and restaurants, etc. We really had the best time! And what better time to go here than during their Wellness Month!! I loved celebrating global wellness day with them on June 9.

For breakfast, I had egg whites, hashbrowns, and avocado everyday. (they’re avocado was AMAZING)

To stay active, my boyfriend and I went to the gym for about 20 minutes one day, and then played tennis for some cardio afterwards:)

The courts were on the roof over looking the ocean- SO COOL.

For my other workouts there, I always love outdoor workouts anyways so I loved working out near the beach on vacay. My tip to you is to wake up a bit earlier than the rest of your crew to get this out of the way. We would wake up around 9 (late but not too late) and get out workout in and be done by 10. That way, we really could enjoy the guilt free.

Here are two of my workouts that I did on vacay.

Outdoor workout + Yoga 

And of course, all of my other workouts are perfect for on the go and traveling. You can do about 80% of my workouts ANYWHERE with no equipment needed.

As for the cocktails, two things! Tequila, sparkling water, and lime. And then.. MOCKTAILS! These are part of the JW Marriott Wellness Month goodies. They were sooo refreshing, and healthy juices!

For snacks, they have a HEALTH BAR!! Say whatttt. It lives in the spa, and they can really make you any kind of smoothie or juice you want. I ordered a mango, pineapple, and orange smoothie. All natural, too!

For dinner, we started getting a bit tired of our tacos:( So we went for a Thai place, right in the Marriott resort. It was called Sasi Thai and it was incredible!!!! I ordered chicken satay with peanut sauce and veggie fried rice.

Then!! My favorite part of all maybe, was getting to celebrate with JW Marriott for Global Wellness day and their wellness month. We filmed a workout video, and some vacation healthy tips. Can’t wait to show you guys this!

The staff was so kind and amazing to work with.

Big thanks to my lover and best friend for traveling with me!!! We have the best time together wherever we are, but traveling the world is also kinda cool:) Love you

ANNDDD Huge thanks to the JW Marriot for hosting us. Your property is so wonderful and we really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!!

xx Katie

PS…. If you do go to Mexico, pleaseeeee listen to my advice and do not drink the sink water or eat lettuce. I currently have a horrible stomach bug from the trip, and it’s because I became careless about my eating/brushing my teeth, etc. Just be extra cautious!