Katie Austin

How to Wake up and Workout

How to Wake up and Workout

Let’s face it, not all of us are morning people!! It can be really hard to wake up in the morning and workout. Whether exercising early in the morning is your only option because you don’t have other time, or whether you just really like working out in the AM, here are my ten tips on how to get that energy and do it right.

  1. Listen to Music

Get out of your bed and put on some pump-up music. I always listen to songs that make me feel invincible in the morning because it gives me motivation to go get it done.

  1. Stretch

Take a couple minutes to stretch on your bed after waking up. This will help release tension in your muscles, and slowly wake you up. The blood circulation will give you energy. The stretching will get you loose and your body ready to go.

  1. Prepare a Small Breakfast

I like to prepare my breakfast the night before. It’s usually two hard boiled eggs or some cut up fruit, or I will just get the ingredients ready to make some oatmeal, etc. Something quick and easy. For me, I can’t eat a big breakfast right before I workout in the morning because I will feel heavy, or get a cramp:/ I like to save a big tasty breakfast for afterwards- like a reward! Don’t skip this meal before you exercise in the AM! A smaller breakfast will give you energy, but will still keep you feeling light on your feet.

  1. Sleep

It sounds so obvious, but getting a good night sleep really matters. Go to bed earlier than usual if you’re waking up early to workout. It will make it soo much easier to get up. You won’t feel tired or groggy if you get your beauty rest!

  1. Set Alarm Titles

This one’s my favorite tip:) My alarm consists of two or three set times that I give titles to. For example, one goes off at 6:30 saying “BEING LAZY IS FOR THE WEAK.” Hahah… These kinds of motivations that I give myself genuinely help me a lot. I look at my phone first thing in the morning to stop (or snooze) my alarm, and so it’s the first thing I read. Below is an example of what I mean, but tailor these alarm names to whatever inspires you to get up and get moving.


  1. Organize Workout Clothes

Set out what you are going to workout in the night before, and place the clothes right next to your bed. Even put out your shoes and socks. It’ll make it so easy when you get up, so you don’t have to drowsily search for workout clothes when you roll out of bed. Putting on your workout clothes is a huge step in getting yourself to workout. (Sounds stupid, but it’s so true) After you put them on, you’re already halfway there. Once you have your sports bra and running shoes on, it’s like “OK I’M READY. LET’S DO IT.” Right? Right…

  1. Splash Your Face

Splashing my face with cold water always wakes me up. It is a necessary morning ritual I will always do, no matter if I’m planning on working out or not. It helps me knock out that groggy morning feeling and get a burst of energy.

  1. Think About that Post Workout Feeling

Think about how awesome it will be when you’re done with your workout in the morning and feel so great. Remind yourself how worth it it is. It’s such a good feeling knowing you already worked out and don’t have to think about it alllll day long! You will thank yourself afterwards and be happy you did it.

  1. Start Slow

Not all of us can get up early and just go give it our all on some sprints, and that’s okay!! (It’s hard for me, too!) Start out slow. If you have enough time, start by just walking/skipping for about five to seven minutes. This will get your blood flowing, your energy up, and get you ready to go hard for the rest of your workout. If you are planning to workout in the morning on most days, start out with just a light workout, then every day get a little more intense. This is something that you can build up to… which brings me to my next tip!

  1. It’s All About Habit

The more you wake up and workout, the easier it will get. It might be really hard for you at first, but it will become routine. Once you wake up early all the time, it just becomes a habit!