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How to Stay Fit + Party

How to Stay Fit + Party



If you know me…you know I love a good party. Hence the thumbnail of this blog post. Hahaha my sister is gonna kill me for this (and also my mom… ssorrrrrry). But I feel like this truly is my most asked question. Recently, I have been talking about it a lot; how to balance your life, how to make healthy cocktail recipes. But hey, let’s not beat around the bush anymore. Cut the fluff- how do you keep up both your fitness game and your party game?

In college, I was horrible at this. I would eat bacon egg and cheeses every night I would go out. No joke (if you are familiar with USC at all, Spudnuts was my go to at 2 am).

Then, last summer after college, I started drinking even MORE. Lol to the fact that I would go out on a Tuesday and Thursday night, even though I wasn’t in college anymore. I gained about 5 pounds in one summer. Not noticeable to anyone else, but to me it was verrrrry noticeable.

So how did I find my balance between eating McDonalds at 2 am and eating kale / working out? Here are my main tips that I have learned in my year of officially adulting:

  1. Pick your battles.

Meaning, pick the parties you feel are going to be worth it the next morning. We all know those Tuesday night parties we get invited to, but do we really want to waste a night on Tuesday? Of course, sometimes, yes!!! But I loveeee saving my fun time for the weekends. (Or, if you’re in college your Fridays are usually on Thursdays) So make your fun nights worth it – that you feel like you deserve those margs!

2. Healthier drinks

This one is actually HUGEEEE. There are so many sugary drinks out there, that the calories really add up. Especially in the summer, those Piña Coladas, Moscow Mules, etc. I usually stick to a Tequila soda with a splash of pineapple when I am out. Extra limes. PS. Don’t think that wine is a ‘healthy’ option. A glass of wine is also high in calories!!! My favorite way to drink, is to infuse my hard alcohol with cucumber, mint, or fruit. That way, you don’t add any extra processed sugars or drinks because your hard alcohol already has great flavor itself. (stay away from store bought flavored alc. Peach Ciroc??!!?! NASTY.) And if you’re still chasing your alc, (hehe me too) then make sure you’re chasing with a low sugar drink. Stay away from soda and juice. I love chasing with La Croix and lime.

Try these 3 Healthy Low Cocktail Drinks here.

3. Water

It’s a DUH but omg who else wakes up in the middle of the night like this??!?!?! 

Yeah, let’s not do that anymore hahaha. Put a water by your bed side. Drink water in between every single cocktail. I don’t care how long that bathroom line is at the bar, drink your water. This will help exponentially with your hangover the next morning.

4. Hangover

Three words. Sweat. Charcoal Pills. La Croix (sponsor me) (also just realized those were 5 words)

5. Drunchies

This sounds crazy, and a bit of a lot of effort, but it’s truly what I do. I make extra dinner (healthy!!!) that night, and save it in the fridge for when I come home. Skip the late night fast food and don’t make yourself pasta. It truly helps to meal prep a little healthy snack for before bed. This will also help with your hangover.

6. My Favorite Alcohol Choices

Tequila (lower in calories than vodka), and my new go to because i LOVE beer- Kombucha beer!! Try Booch Craft.

7. Don’t Over Drink

I feel like your mom telling ya this, but forreallll don’t over drink. Make a smart decision during your night out, and think about your next day (and how you don’t want a hangover). My limit is 2 drinks at a bar. Granted, I may have had some drinks at the pregame, or at dinner, but when i am out at the party or bar, 2 drinks!!! That’s it.

8. Calorie Conscious 

I honestly hate counting calories, but I find this tip very helpful for me. If I KNOW I’m going to be drinking that night, I cut back justtt a little bit on my food intake throughout the day. I’m not saying don’t eat, but maybe cut your cals back by 100-200 cals that day. It helps!!

9. Drinking Hurts your Metabolism

So the truth is, it’s not just calories that make alcohol bad for you. But it definitely slows down your metabolism – which makes it harder to lose weight. I want you guys to live your BEST life, but just be aware of this last tip, because it can really have a negative impact on your fitness journey.