How To Meal Prep A Salad

One of my favorite things to meal prep for lunch is a hearty salad, filled with lots of greens, veggies and protein! Salads are great in theory, but every single morning when I’m about to make my lunch, I’m always stuck thinking…how the heck are you supposed to add my dressing and not end up with a super soggy salad by lunchtime?!?  Some past scenarios that I’ve had with dressing, from my salad diaries:
Either I….
a) completely forget dressing, left with a lame, dry salad lol
b) put dressing on salad before i leave my house in the morning, salad is soaked and soggy and unbearable
c) try and find a small container to put dressing in, but can only find a massive one so transport dressing in that, looking and feeling absolutely ridiculous transporting such a massive container for like a tablespoon of dressing
d) or I bring an entire bottle of dressing and then I either forget it or it gets lost in the depths of the  fridge with no chance of being found!
Here is AN EASY FIX! This is the right way to meal prep a salad, and let me tell you friends, you will NEVER be left eating a soggy salad ever again in your life!
First you start out with your dressing! I used tzatziki mix with olive oil and lemon juice because I’m making a Greek inspired salad! We put this at the bottom of the container so that it won’t get all of your ingredients soggy and wet before you’re ready to eat!
Then you add anything that won’t get soggy in your dressing! So I added the carrots first, then chickpeas, then sliced cucumbers, then chopped tomatoes! Then you can sprinkle in any cheese, I’m using feta in my salad!
Last but not least, add your choice of greens! I’m using mixed greens for this one!
Now your salad is perfectly prepped for your lunch! You can mix it when you’re ready to eat and you will have a crispy and fresh salad whenever you are ready for lunch! No more wilted greens or soggy tomatoes at lunch! Hope you enjoy!! xx