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Favorite Alcoholic Drinks + My Hangover Cure

Favorite Alcoholic Drinks + My Hangover Cure

Hello you beautiful people!!
‘Tis the season for bar hopping and catching up with family and friends – but how can we drink merrily and avoid the weekend long hangover?! I’ve made a list of some alternative healthier drinking options for when you hit the town or have a few drinks with your crazy Aunt at the family function!!

My go-to drink is hands down a Tequila soda water with a touch of agave and tons of lime! Tequila is low in sugar, has no carbohydrates and the lime is loaded with vitamin C and potassium!

Mojito: Packed with antioxidants from ingredients such as fresh mint and lime this is one drink
you can have and not feel so guilty about!! Although the simple syrup in a mojito has less added
sugar than a soda mixer, make sure you tell the bartender to take it easy when pouring (or you
can leave it out completely and add extra mint!)

Light Beer: Ok so you might be surprised to hear this because you think I’m a fitness nut, but truly, I am a huge beer gal. My favs are Pacifico and Stella. Buttttt, when trying to be healthier, try to go light!! For some people it’s easier (and lets be honest, less expensive) to drink a beer, so I love a good Michelob Ultra. Ginger Beer is also a great alternative if you’re still wanting to go out to the bar with friends and not get wasted. It is a bitttt sugary, so have it in moderation, but it’s non-alcoholic, and actually helps with nausea and inflammation!

Are you a tropical cocktail kind of person?? Don’t worry I got you covered too!! As good as piña
coladas are, they contain WAY too many added sugars which equals an unnecessary amount of
calories! Opt for a simple vodka and pineapple juice instead- pineapple juice is full of vitamin C
which helps with collagen formation! Forever young!! PS: be careful for the super sugary fake pineapple juices. Drink the 100% pure juice.

Forgot to have your daily serving of greens?? Drink ‘em up y’all!! Enjoy a refreshing blended cocktail with kale, cucumber, tequila, agave and lime to help keep you hydrated thanks to the cucumber and get your dosage of vitamin K courtesy of kale! You can also add some pineapple juice in there, and this is soooo good. Especially if I’m day drinking it’s amazing.

Oh and for my ladies that like to rip shots, try your best to opt out of the apple pie shots (or any flavored hard liquor). Creamy sugary shots will not only double your calories but also double your hangover. I can attest to that first hand..

Here are some more fun healthy drink options:

This video also gives a really good idea about infusing your alcohol in cucumber or something of great flavor, so you can just add some soda water to your drink.

Now that you know a few healthier drinking options how about we help prevent or at least help you survive that inevitable hangover!

First things first, DO NOT drink on an empty stomach!! With some substance in your belly it’ll help to absorb the alcohol which will allow you to endure a long night of drinking ahead! Eat a meal with lots of healthy carbs and you’ll be good to go!

Stay hydrated!! Try to drink at least one or two glasses of water between drinks, this will keep you from waking up with an insane headache the next day! It’s also smart to drink a glass of water before going to bed! If you forgot to drink water or feel like you’re so dehydrated you just can’t get enough then grab a banana! When you’re dehydrated you not only lose water but electrolytes as well so it’s important to replenish your potassium intake and a banana is definitely the quickest way to do that!

For me, probably one of the worst aspects of a hangover is the nausea. An upset stomach is
never a good feeling so make yourself some ginger tea to help settle it!

Also- this is not an AD at all, just a true drink I have when I’m hungover: Detoxwater. It’s filled with Aloe and electrolytes, which helps my tummy and hydration. Plus it gives water a good taste, which I need when I’m not feeling too hot. I will link out their website here.

Remember my loves, you can enjoy a night out of drinking just make sure to keep it light and
make H2O your best friend, your body will thank you for it the next day! LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE!!!!! You’re never going to be younger than you are right NOW!! (new motto hehe) Cheers!!!

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