Summer Cooler Smoothie

I randomly put together all of these ingredients yesterday and fell in LOVE! It’s sweet and refreshing. What you will need: -3/4 cup coconut milk -1 cup of frozen mangos, peaches, and carrots all cut up. (1 cup of ALL together, not each separately) -1 banana (frozen or not) -touch of organic agave -handful of […]

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How To Make The Perfect Kale Chips

As simple as it seems, making the perfectly tasting and crispy kale chip can be hard. But this recipe is as easy and tasty as it gets. FIRST: Pre heat the oven to 400 (Bake) Lay out the kale (3 and a half cups of slightly pressed down leaves) on a cookie sheet, try to […]

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Healthy Foods? Think Again!

These foods seem like they should be pretty healthy, but some of them contain more sugar than a donut. Yes, you read that correctly. The World Health Organization called for the reduction of our sugar intake to a small 5% of our daily calories. That’s only about 90-100 calories per day of sugar!!! Here are […]

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