Eat Well

HEALTHY COOKIES! Cinnamonay Bananay Chocolatay Cookays:)

Cinnamonay Bananay Chocolatay Cookays All Natural! SO Healthy and SO Super Tasty Cookies! Vegan, Gluten Free, and Wheat Free! No added sugar! Good as a dessert, a tasty small snack or even as breakfast bars! Also, it’s great to add protein powder in them too! Makes 2 dozen cookies. Ingredients: ½ Cup of Chocolate chips […]

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Healthy Foods? Think Again!

These foods seem like they should be pretty healthy, but some of them contain more sugar than a donut. Yes, you read that correctly. The World Health Organization called for the reduction of our sugar intake to a small 5% of our daily calories. That’s only about 90-100 calories per day of sugar!!! Here are […]

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