Get Ready With Me | Workout Style


Heyyyy guys!!!! Hope everyone’s having a great week! This week’s video is all about how to look cute (decently) while you workout! And why you may ask? For me, workout videos are part of my job, so I just wanted to show you how I get ready to film my videos. BUT! Maybe you don’t want to look super grungy at the gym, maybe you wanna be cuter for the gym hotttttie, or WHATEVERRRR it is.. (more examples in the vid) here’s my “get-ready-with-me-for-my-workout” video. I am using my new favorite makeup from Clinique!! It’s even called “Workout Makeup” – so you really can’t get any better than that! It’s made for girls like me who love fitness. Sweat and humidity resistant. I HIGHLY recommend. (I even wear it as day to day makeup because I love the matte look so much). PS the Clinique FIT is an Ulta exclusive and you can get it here!… Anyways, enjoy the vid and let me know if you have any tips for me to try with my hair, makeup, etc! (Not a beauty expert here and would love to hear your thoughts too!!) Love, Katie