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Katie Austin is a fitness enthusiast, author, blogger, model, and an inspiration to millennial girls all over the world. As the daughter of fitness icon Denise Austin, health and exercise have always been a part of Katie’s life, and it shows in her drive to spread her message of self-love and positive body image. Katie graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2016 with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in health. At USC, she was a Division 1 lacrosse player, host of her own fitness show at the college station, and a Cum Laude student. She is a certified fitness trainer and health coach.

Katie was recognized by Seventeen Magazine as on of the top ten fitness Instagrams to follow. She has been featured as a fitness and nutrition expert on numerous television shows, including The Today Show, Hollywood Today Live, The Doctors, and Home & Family.


While getting “fit” does mean getting you fit physically, it’s also about your mentality! Girls from all over the world struggle with their self-confidence, so know that you’re not alone. We get flooded with a constant media stream of perfect-looking, stunningly beautiful females on television, in magazines, and any time we’re online or on social media. From childhood, it’s natural to begin comparing our own bodies to those perfect figures — their curves, their slim thighs, their perfect hair. And that’s how we start hating our own bodies. Media and advertising know this, which is why they publish headlines like “Want a body like hers? Here’s how to get it.” This tactic is common and temporarily motivates people to exercise using self-hate and body-shaming. So it’s not wonder when the new regimen don’t stick.

Fitness that lasts doesn’t start by hating your body or trying to become someone else’s photoshopped idea of a woman. Instead of obsessing over how other women look, look at yourself in the mirror. Focus on what you love about your body, and fill your mind with it. Unlearn the bad habit of comparing your body to someone else’s. Love you, and know that you’re beautiful right now, just as you are.

This is your story, I’m just joining you on your journey to get fit and have fun with it! I’m here to help you get motivated and stay motivated — and I’m cheering for you every step of the way. My posts encompass a whole body approach, from fitness tips, to exercises, to lifestyle tips. Follow me on your journey to becoming active, healthy and happy. This is your body. Love it. Exercise because it makes your body stronger. Exercise for you.


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